How to setup Keitaro tracking with Bing




A full step-by-step guide on how to setup Keitaro tracking with Bing Ads.


Keitaro Big Sale

Group 3

The Biggest Sale of the Year!

50% off for Keitaro license.

This is Black Friday proceeding to Cyber Tuesday sale. Use these promo codes from November, 24 till November, 28 and get a 50% total discount on your purchase:

⚡ BLACKFRIDAY1 for 1 month license;
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The offer is not limited!

How to install Keitaro on Digital Ocean VPS


A step-by-step guide on how to install Keitaro on Digital Ocean VPS.


Keitaro 8.5.4


Our team is actively making Keitaro’s functionality and productivity better. Version 8.5.4 is available for updating:


Keitaro PRO Features: Adding Domains


You can use “Domains” when you want different campaigns to work with different domains. E.g. works with “Campaign 1”, works with “Campaign 2”.


Keitaro Features: Multiuser Access

Multiuser access

Today we continue getting acquainted you with Keitaro features. PRO license users can set up a multiuser access to Keitaro.


Keitaro 8.5.1


Keitaro v. 8.5.1 is available for updating:


Useful Features: Whitelists and Blacklists in Keitaro


Today we are going to tell you about creating black- and whitelists of an affiliate network parameters. This feature is often underestimated, but it is very useful.


Keitaro & PHP 7.1

PHP bl En

We are glad to announce, that now Keitaro is compatible with PHP 7.1.

You can install an updated tracker using auto installation and php-installer.

In case you decide to update your server’s PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.1, you’ll need to reinstall the tracker.

New contacts of our support team

Tech En


Now you can contact Keitaro on any questions via:
– chat on a website;
– Facebook;
– VK
– Telegram